Top Hindi Movies on Netflix | 10 Must Watch Netflix Movies of all Time

During lockdown when all the cinema halls are closed, its become difficult for Bollywood Movie lovers to watch Hindi movies. But apart from Bollywood, Netflix also provide us best quality content Hindi movies. If you don’t know any Best Hindi Netflix Movie names then in this post I am going to share with you 10 Top Hindi Movies on Netflix names.

All the movies as mentioned below are available on Netflix so you can directly watch the movies from there.

But if you want to download that movies from websites then click hereyou’ll get a list of top 10 best movie download websites names from where you can easily download any movies on Netflix.

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Top Hindi Movies on Netflix – must watch

1. Super Deluxe (2019)

Top Hindi Movies on Netflix

Super Deluxe is a Dark Comedy, Drama movie with 8.4 of IMDb rating.

There are four different different stories of different characters are in this movie. They are all unknown to each other but the decision of anyone character affects all the other three character’s lives.

This movie has too much of suspense and must watch for you.

2. Pihu (2017)

Top Hindi Movies on Netflix

Pihu is a thriller, Drama movie with IMDb rating of 6.7.

The story of this movie is so unique where a little girl stuck in a big house and tried to get out of the house. There are some scenes in this movie which may be give you a heart attack.

The film is so much of suspense and one of the best movies on Netflix.

3. Game Over (2019)

Top Hindi Movies on Netflix

Game over is an Psychological thriller, Drama movie with 7.1 IMDb rating.

2019 released movie Game Over presents a unique story front of us where you got only three chances to save you life.

Interesting thing is that the girl named Sapna who created the Game also stuck in it and tried to get out of that room. All the psychological thriller movie lovers will definitely love this movie.

4. The Lunchbox (2013)

Top Hindi Movies on Netflix

The Lunchbox is a Romance, Drama movie with 7.8 of IMDb rating.

Lunchbox is that kind of movie which brings two unknown people to each other. The film starts with a lunchbox which brings two unknown people closer. And world of letters becomes heavy on the life of reality.

5. Mallesham (2019)

Top Hindi Movies on Netflix

Mallesham is an inspiring Drama movie with 8.5 of IMDb rating.

Mallesham is a boy who only has studied till class six but he invented a machine which brings revolution in the world of sewing.

This movie is going to be a best inspiring movie for you if you want to do something in your life.

6. The Sky is Pink (2019)

This is a Drama, Romance movie with 7.5 of IMDb rating.

When a family wants to spend a Happy life then there some barriers which after facing can break your heart, this type of feelings created this movie in your heart.

If you want to watch romantic movie with unique concept then this movie is must watch for you.

7. Manto (2018)

Manto is a Drama, History movie with 7.4 of IMDb rating.

This movie is based on real life story of Saadat Hasan Manto. 

How a writer’s story can rocked a society is shown in this movie. There is a time when Manto’s story inspired the whole Mumbai and on the other, in Lahor where people don’t even want to listen Manto’s story.

Acting of Nawazuddin Siddiqui in this movie is outstanding. If you are one of History, epic lovers then this movie is must watch for you.

8. Angamaly Diaries (2017)

Angamaly Diaries is a Action, Thriller movie with IMDb rating of 8.

The story shows how a normal boy made a gang to become the king of a small city. The twist in this story comes when another gang came along and there’s also enters a beautiful love story.

This movie is one of Top Hindi Movies on Netflix.

9. Kaamyaab (2018)

Top Hindi Movies on Netflix

Kaamyaab is a Drama movie with IMDb rating of 8.

The story tells about an actor named Sudhir who wants to break record by creating his last 500th movie even though he been retired from film industry.

Did he create his last movie or he became a story is the thing to watch in this movie. The movie is so inspiring and you should definitely watch the movie.

10. Kannam Kannam Kollaiyadithaal (2020)

Top Hindi Movies on Netflix

This is a romance, Thriller movie with 7.7. of IMDb rating.

How two clever thieves steal millions of Dollars from people is shown in this movie. Then there came two girls whom after seeing the two thieves made decision to spend ordinary peoples life.

By the end of this movie you got to see some biggest secrets of the girls. The movie has a lot of suspense and you definitely should watch this movie at once.

Top 10 Hindi Movies Netflix (conclusion)

All the Best 10 Top Hindi Movies on Netflix as mentioned above are so much awesome and will definitely inspire you in some cases. And don’t forget to share this Top 10 Hindi Movies on Netflix list with your friends on social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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