Top 10 Netflix Movies to Watch | Must Watch Movies Available on Netflix

Netflix is becoming all of ours favorite movie and series platform. Because of great content and realistic acting in Netflix movies, all we want to watch these movies. There are a lots of movies on Netflix that you must need to watch. In this post you will get to know Top 10 Netflix Movies names which are most popular.

Some movies are also available in Hindi on Netflix. So, if you love Hindi dubbed movies then this post will also help you finding best content Hindi dubbed Netflix movies.

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Top 10 Netflix Movies – Must Watch

1. Beasts of No Nation (2015)

Top 10 Netflix Movies

Beasts of No Nation is a war, drama movie with 7.7 IMDb rating.

This is a real life based story where in todays days African kids join soldiers, fighters and terrorists leaving behind their childhood.

After watching this movie, I realized that there is also a great movie platform apart from Hollywood and Bollywood called Netflix. This movie is available on Netflix in English with Hindi subtitle.

2. Triple Frontier (2019)

Top 10 Netflix Movies

This is an Action, Heist movie with 6.4 of IMDb rating.

When five retired American Special Force soldiers commit theft then it is not a petty theft. The soldiers are going to stole money from a thief house.

Did the soldiers get success in the theft or not are the most interested thing to watch in this movie.

This is one of best Action movies on Netflix and also available in Hindi.

3. The Dawn Wall (2017)

Top 10 Netflix Movies

The Dawn Wall is an American Documentary, Adventure movie with 8.1 of IMDb rating.

This is that kind of movie which after watching you’ll going to say your hoodies and family members to watch this film again with you.

This movie shows how two rock climbers went to an impossible rock climbing, which is one of most impossible task for any human being.

4. Tallulah (2016)

Tallulah is an American Drama movie with 6.7 of IMDb rating.

The story shows a girl who is living a very rough and tough life and don’t care about what society says. How did the girl get out from an unwanted responsibility that she entered to is shown in this movie.

After watching this movie our living life really going to change a little bit. This movie is available in English on Netflix.

5. Okja (2017)

Top 10 Netflix Movies

Okja is an Adventure, Drama movie with 7.3 IMDb rating.

Your view of Animals will definitely going to change after watching this movie. This movie will emotionally touch you and is one of Top 10 Netflix Movies.

6. What Happened to Monday (2017)

What Happened to Monday is an Action, sci-fi movie with 6.9 IMDb rating.

The story of this movie is so unique where human population increases rapidly so that govt. has passed a bill where a family only give birth to one child. In this situation seven sisters were born and they were names as the seven days of week.

The story line of this movie is so unique, available in English on Netflix and you will definitely love this movie.

7. Lust Stories (2018)

Top 10 Netflix Movies

Lust Stories is an Indian drama film with 6.5 of IMDb rating.

This movie is not only for attracting audience with sex but there is a deep meaning in this movie with female physical needs.

8. Bird Box (2018)

Bird Box is a horror, sci-fi movie with IMDb rating of 6.6.

This movie based on the story where if you open your eyes and see the creatures then you won’t stop yourself from killing yourself.

How a mom survives with two kids in this horrible situation is the thing to watch in this movie. This movie is available in English on Netflix and must watch.

9. Love Per Square Foot (2018)

Top 10 Netflix Movies

Love per Square Foot is a Romance, Drama movie with 7.2 of IMDb rating.

There is a crazy type romance in this movie. This movie is completely opposite from the thinking of our local society.

If you are searching for the Top 10 Best Netflix Movies then this movie is must watch Netflix movie for you.

10. 15 August (2019)

Top 10 Netflix Movies

15 August is an Indian Drama movie with 5.8 of IMDb rating.

How tiny little things of a middle class family get together on the flag hosting day is shown in this movie.

You’ll obviously get to see marathi peoples awesome acting and the mind blowing thinking of the director in this movie. If you are bored with action and thrill movies then to relax your heart, you must watch this movie.

This movie is available in Hindi and Marathi language on Netflix and one of Best Netflix Movies.

Best Movies on Netflix top 10 (conclusion)

All the movies mentioned above are available on Netflix. All the Best Top 10 Netflix Movies list as mentioned above are the Best top rated movies.

And if you want to Download this movies and don’t know where to download then click hereyou’ll get a list of Top movie download sites names from where you can download easily any movie you want.

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