Top 10 Bollywood Movies to Watch | Best Bollywood Movies of All Time

If you are bored watching Hollywood movies and want something new then Today in this post we will share Top 10 Bollywood Movies names which can never bore you.

If you are a Bollywood movie lover then this list will definitely help you finding some awesome Hindi Movies.

All the movies as mentioned below are full of suspense and best to watch for Bollywood movie lovers.

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Top 10 Bollywood Movies all Time

1. 3 Idiots (2009)

Top 10 Bollywood Movies

3 Idiots is a Comedy, Drama movie with 8.4 of IMDb rating.

This Movie is best in everyway, this movie has great actors like Amir Khan, great location, great content and a lot.

Before watching this movie we may didn’t know that Ladhak is also a part of our Country. But after coming out this movie, Ladhak tourism has increased from 30% to 300%.

If you want something unique, comedy, motivational and inspirational movie then movie is must watch for you.

2. Drishyam (2015)

Top 10 Bollywood Movies

Drishyam is a thriller, mystery movie with 8.2 IMDb rating.

This movie is that kind movie which after watching you cannot get out of its imaginary world.

This movie is worth its name because you’ll definitely remember every single scenery of this movie if you watch after 50 years later. If you want full of suspense and mystery movie then this movie is for you.

3. Andhadhun (2018)

Top 10 Bollywood Movies

Andhadhun is a comedy, crime movie with 8.3 of IMDb rating.

If we plus whole Bollywood movie’s twists and turns then this movie will definitely beat them all. This movie is specially for suspense, thrill movie lovers.

4. Hera Pheri (2000)

No. 4 is our all time favorite movie Hera Pheri with 8.2 of IMDb rating.

This movie deserve to be in this Top 10 Bollywood Movies list because it is hard to make someone laugh but nobody in this world who won’t laugh after watching this movie.

If you are a comedy movie lovers then you should definitely watch this movie with your family.

5. Swades (2004)

Top 10 Bollywood Movies

Swades is a Drama, Musical movie with 8.2 of IMDb rating.

This movie is so emotional and may be this movie will make you cry. Watch this movie at least once with your family, they’ll definitely love this movie.

6. Lagaan (2001)

Lagaan is a Musical, sport movie with 8.1 of IMDb rating. Fans was not just only watch this movie at theatre but celebrated the movie like a festival.

Its hard to believe that this movie is Ashutosh Gowariker‘s first solo movie. Lagaan movie was nominated for Oscar for Best International Feature Film.

You should watch this movie for at least once because this type of movie has not released till now.

7. Barfi! (2012)

Top 10 Bollywood Movies

Barfi! is a romance, Drama movie with 8.1 IMDb rating.

This movie is the cutest and close to heart of this list. This movie taught us a thing that peoples who are abnormal are the most normal in this world.

If you want something unique and full content movie then this movie is for you.

8. The Lunchbox (2013)

The Lunchbox is a Romance, Drama movie with 7.8 of IMDb rating.

This movie has opened a new door in Bollywood for Artistic Movies. I feel like one of most luckiest people in this world who saw world’s two greatest actors acting together in a film.

You should definitely watch this movie because of the outstanding acting of Irfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui and the great content.

9. Rocket Singh (2009)

Top 10 Bollywood Movies

Rocket Singh is a Comedy, Musical movie with 7.5 of IMDb rating.

According to 2004 entrepreneur survey, 30% of youth after watching this movie has left their shitty job and started their own business.

If you want to start your own business then I must recommend you to watch this movie for at least once because this movie will inspire you a lot.

10. A Wednesday (2008)

Top 10 Bollywood Movies

A Wednesday is a thriller, Mystery movie with 8.1 of IMDb rating.

When everyone’s trust on Bollywood has got up that they cannot make a suspense, thriller movie like Hollywood, at that time this movie came.

This movie is the lowest budget movie in this Top 10 Movies list but this movie earn more than 50 Cr. in Box office.

Best Bollywood Movies (conclusion)

All the movies in this Top 10 Bollywood Movies all time are so much of suspense and inspirational. If you want to give you feedback on this awesome Top 10 Bollywood Movies list then give your feedback by commenting below.

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