New South Movie Hindi | Top 10 South Movie in Hindi Dubbed

South India Produces lots of Movies every year with great contents and I know there’s a lot of South Indian Movie Fans in India. So, we have the 10 Best New South Movie Hindi list that everyone needs to watch for at least once.

In Todays days South-Indian Film industries produces films which have so much viewer intent that Bollywood starts copying their movies. So, my recommendation to you to watch the original content of South movies instead of watching copying contents of Bollywood.

So, in this post I’m going to share 10 Best South Movie in Hindi Dubbed names which have their original content with greater viewer intent. Therefore, read the article carefully.

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South Movie in Hindi Dubbed list [10 Best]

1. Ratsasan (2018)

New South Movie Hindi

Ratsasan is a Crime, psychological thriller movie with 8.7 of IMDb rating. And this is a masterpiece movie and must watch for you.

This is a psychological thriller movie where a psychotic killer kills schoolgirls. The movie shows how police track the killer to catch him. And will police be able to catch the killer who is targeting the schoolgirls or not is shown in this movie.

So, with great storyline, screenplay, acting and music, this movie deserve to be at no.1 in this New South Movie Hindi list.

2. ’96 (2018)

New South Movie Hindi

This is a romance, drama movie with IMDb rating of 8.6. ’96 is that kind of movie which will make you feel loved without any kissing and sex scenes.

The story is of a photographer who spent his whole life in memory of his childhood love. How a man can love a female and what can he do is shown in this movie.

The acting of Vijay Sethupati in this movie is outstanding. This movie is personally my favorite movie and I think that this movie deserve 8.6 of IMDb rating. So, watch this movie with your family, there’s no adult scenes but has the deep meaning of love.

3. Aruvi (2016)

New South Movie Hindi

Aruvi is a political drama movie with 8.5 of IMDb rating. Some people think that this is the worst movie but who can understand the core value of a film will definitely support this movie.

This movie will show you some disgusting and changing thoughts of society. How a middle-class girl is abandoned by her family because she brought shame on them and live on her own is shown in this movie. With the story of this movie Aditi Balban who has the lead role, her acting is outstanding.

This is kind of thriller, drama, comedy, suspense movie and you’ll definitely love it.

4. Thani Oruvan (2015)

New South Movie Hindi

Thani Oruvan is an action, romance movie with 8.4 of IMDb rating. The movie was dubbed in Hindi with the name of Double Attack 2.

This movie is full of thrilling scenes where we got to see the war between an honest police officer and a dangerous villain. In this movie we will also get to see some mind blowing action scenes and emotional scenes as well.

5. Papanasam (2015)

Papanasam is a thriller, drama movie with IMDb rating of 8.4. Though this movie has 8.4 of IMDb rating but people don’t like the Hindi dubbed of this movie.

This movie is full of suspense with great story telling. How a school drop-out intelligent boy acquire knowledge by watching movies is shown in this movie.

There’s a lot of thrilling and suspense scenes in this movie. So, I think you should definitely try this movie for the great story telling and awesome acting of the actors.

6. Ustad Hotel (2012)

Ustad Hotel is a Romance, drama movie with IMDb rating of 8.3. For me, this is one of best romance movie where we will see a unique, beautiful and inspiration love story. In this movie we will also see an emotional relationship between a grandfather and a grandson.

How an aspiring chef after not getting support from his father returns to his hometown and tries to fulfil his dream with his grandfather is shown in this movie.

The movie is awesome and so much inspiring and I think this should be one of best New South Movie in Hindi.

7. Take Off (2017)

Take Off is a thriller, suspense, drama movie with 8.2 of IMDb rating. This is a Malayalam movie where you’ll see a great unique story with outstanding performances of the actors.

How an Indian Ambassador uses his technique and wits to rescue some hostages and get them out from the goons is shown in this movie.

The first half of this movie is full of drama but the second half creates so much tension and thrill which you definitely want to see. And this movie needs to be in this 10 Best New South Movie Hindi dubbed list.

8. Maanagaram (2017)

Maanagaram is a thriller, action movie with 8.1 of IMDb rating. This is that kind of movie where in every 10 minutes you’ll see a new suspense.

In this movie, a man after getting threatened by some few men decides to take revenge on them. What happened to him and will he be able to take revenge or not is shown in this movie.

I bet if you start watching this movie you’ll never quit the movie in half.

9. Kanche (2015)

New South Movie Hindi

Kanche is a war, drama movie with IMDb rating of 7.9. This movie is kind of different with lots of deep meanings.

This is a war movie where we get see a soldier’s life. How a soldier sacrifice his love and life is shown in this movie.

If you love Varun Tej and his movies then this movie is for you.

10. 7th Day (2014)

New South Movie Hindi

7th Day is a mystery, thriller movie with 6.9 of IMDb rating. This movie is quite slow but if you want pure content then I must recommend you this movie.

New South Movie Hindi (Best of All Time) [conclusion]

So, these are the Top 10 New South Movie Hindi dubbed list. Watch every movies as I mentioned above because all this movies has pure content and all are available in Hindi. If you love this South Movie Hindi Dubbed list then also share this list with your friends on Facebook and other social media platforms. Thanks…

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