Hollywood Top 10 Movie list of All Time (Must Watch Hollywood Movie)

I did the full research on Hollywood movie and finally found out this Hollywood Top 10 Movie list which are must watch for Hollywood Movie lovers.

In this post I’ve shared 10 Top Hollywood Movie list of all time and all the movies you can easily find on movie downloading sites so you no need to bother about finding these awesome movies.

Read this post carefully and note every movies as I mentioned below because I know you’ve never watched this kind of Hollywood Movies on before.

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Hollywood Top 10 Movie (Hindi dubbed Movies)

1. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Hollywood Top 10 Movie

This is an action, adventure movie with 8.1 of IMDb rating. This movie shows a world where everything is destroyed and only a very few of humans are left.

In this movie, a king who is very rude catches all the children and females and exploits them. But a girl of that gang left their group because she don’t want to live with them anymore and tries to destroy the king.

This movie has lots of mind blowing action scenes which I don’t think you’ve ever watched. You’ll definitely love this movie and this movie is also available in Hindi.

2. Ip Man (2008)

Hollywood Top 10 Movie

Ip Man is an action, biography, drama movie with IMDb rating of 8. This movie shows a Martial arts expert’s story.

The story starts from China when Japanese attacked on them and took over China. How did a Martial arts expert take revenge on Japanese because Japanese killed lots of his men is shown in this movie.

This movie is also available in Hindi and I must recommend everyone to watch this movie as an action movie lover.

3. Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

Hollywood Top 10 Movie

Kung Fu Hustle is an action, comedy movie with 7.7 of IMDb rating. This movie based on some extra ordinary people of a society.

Why some extra ordinary people of a society have to fight with a gang who wants to destroy that area is shown in this movie.

This movie has lots of comedy and action scenes and must watch for Hollywood action, comedy Movie lovers.

4. Chocolate (2008)

Hollywood Top 10 Movie

Chocolate is an action, martial arts movie with IMDb rating of 6.9. The story is of a fastest martial arts learning girl’s who can learn Martial arts by watching TV.

In this movie, the girl’s mother is very ill and needs money for her treatment. How the girl fought with goons because she then came to know that those goons have all the money of her family. She was trying to get those money back from them for the treatment of her mother.

This movie concept is very unique with outstanding acting of the actors. So if you want something unique and interesting then this should be one of them.

5. Ong-Bak (2003)

Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior is an action, martial arts movie with 7.2 of IMDb rating. The story of this movie starts from a small village of Thailand from where after been stolen of a Buddha’s statue the whole village became dry.

The village elders gave the responsibility to find the statue to a martial arts expert of that village. How the man tries to find that statue and who stole that statue is shown in this movie.

The has great Martial arts scenes and amazing visual effects. This movie definitely deserve to be in this Hollywood Top 10 Movie list.

6. The Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014)

The Admiral: Roaring Currents is a war, drama movie with 7.1 of IMDb rating. This is the story of an admiral who has a very challenging situation because more than of 300 boats are coming towards them to attack but they have only 13 boats.

How did they face that difficulty and whether they can be able to beat them or not is shown in this movie. The movie is awesome and so much inspiring.

So, this movie will be a best option for you if you love watching war, action movie.

7. Ben-Hur (2016)

Ben-Hur is an adventure, action movie with IMDb rating of 5.7. The story is based on a prince’s life who is betrayed by his brother and left him to die.

after a few years he came back and confronted his brother to get his kingdom back. But will he be able to get his kingdom back or not is shown in this movie. The movie has lots of suspense and action scenes and can inspire you a lot.

8. Robin Hood (2010)

Robin Hood is an action, adventure movie with 6.6 of IMDb rating. The story based on 20th century England when a prince after his father’s death take over the kingdom. But the prince wasn’t able to run his kingdom. He increases the tax and starts torturing his peoples.

To stop this torture some people came front of the king and what happened next? Will they be able to stop the king from doing that or not is shown this movie.

This is an amazing adventure movie and IMDb gives 6.6 out of 10 and is definitely one of Hollywood Top 10 Movie.

9. Wanted (2008)

Hollywood Top 10 Movie

Wanted is an action, thriller movie with IMDb rating of 6.7. This is a story of a frustrated office worker whose boss is very rude and also has lots of problems in his life.

One day he found that he is a son of a secret assassin and he has some super powers in him. What is his ability and what can he do with it that you’ll get to know in this movie. The movie has lots of thrills and amazing action scenes. And the movie is also available in Hindi and must watch for you.

10. Armored (2009)

Hollywood Top 10 Movie

Armored is a thriller, action movie with 5.7 of IMDb rating. The story line tells some security guard who works for a company which transfers money from one to another place.

The twists comes when they all try to steal those money and get away from there as soon as possible. What happened next and what challenges they have to face is shown in this movie.

Top Hollywood Movies list (conclusion)

So, these are the Hollywood Top 10 Movie which I found after a deep research on Hollywood Movies. I hope you loved these movies list and also share this awesome list with your friends on social media like WhatsApp, etc. as well.

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