Best Hollywood Movie list | Top 10 must watch Hollywood Movies

Everyone have their own choice on the movie but in this post you will get a list of Top 10 Best Hollywood Movie list which are going to be so awesome if you love watching Hollywood movies.

Movies can make us happy or can teach us how to love someone truly. A movie can inspire us, motivate us or can change our aim of life.

It feels really good when a movie surprise us from inside and we started telling everyone about that movie.

If you want to watch movies that are with full of Action, suspense, thriller, horror kind of movies then this most watched Best Hollywood Movies Name list will not going to disappoint you.

Note every single names in this list, you’ll definitely love them all.

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Best Hollywood Movie list

1. Life of pi (2012)

Best Hollywood Movie list

Best adventure, drama movie with IMDb rating of 7.9.

After AVATAR, if we were lost in the beauty of another movie then this is No. 1 movie Life of Pi. This movie has own four Oscars.

The story telling and the relationship between humans and animals of this movie all are perfectly placed front of us.

Action, drama, survival, adventure and thriller are perfectly balanced in this movie. Life is so short but the quality contents are a lot, so don’t waste your valuable time on unnecessary contents.

Life of pi is a perfect movie you can definitely watch this movie with your family.

2. Apocalypto (2006)

Best Hollywood Movie list

If you want to watch something different that you ever have imagined then there is an action, adventure movie named Apocalypto with IMDb rating of 7.8.

There are some scenes in this movie which you won’t feel like you are watching a movie. Never give up survival in this movie makes it unique.

This movie is 18+, there are some adult scenes in this movie available on Amazon prime.

3. Lion (2016)

Based on true story, 2016 drama movie Lion with 8 IMDb rating.

The acting of the kid in this movie are so perfect that you won’t believe that this is his first movie.

How a child was lost from his parents and how he came back to his real parents with the help of technology are shown in this movie.

More than half of this movie is in Hindi, no adult scenes , available on Netflix.

4. Black Hawk Down (2001)

Best Hollywood Movie list

Black Hawk Down is a war, action movie available on Amazon prime with 7.8 IMDb rating.

There are no adult scenes in this movie but a lot brutal violated scenes.

5. Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Zero Dark Thirty is a war, thriller movie based on the assassination of Osama Bin Laden with 7.4 IMDb rating.

The Movie is nominated for Oscars in each technical department that’s why this movie seems so grounded and real.

How quick american soldiers entered to Pakistan and killed Laden are perfectly shown in this movie.

6. Lord of War (2005)

Best Hollywood Movie list

If you are a fan of Breaking Bad series then this movie is for you. This is a war, action movie with 7.6 IMDb rating.

This movie will surprise you from the beginning with its great cinematography and camera angle.

7. Swiss Army Man (2016)

One of the Crazy movies Swiss Army Man is a Comedy, fantasy movie with IMDb rating of 7.

The acting of Daniel Radcliffe proved that he is a serious and talented actor. Watch this movie with your heart but not mind then the impact of this film will fall on you.

I have no words to explain this weird movie but you should watch this movie for at least once.

8. Baby’s Day Out (1994)

Baby’s Day Out is a comedy, family movie with 6 IMDb rating.

This movie will definitely be the medicine of your anxiety and depression. The acting of 9 month old baby in this movie is awesome.

On hearing the name of this movie, a smile would automatically come on the face.

This movie is available on Disney+ Hotstar and 100% pure family entertainment movie.

9. Berlin Syndrome (2017)

Best Hollywood Movie list

Nowadays we are scared of humans more than ghosts as like that 2017 horror, thriller movie Berlin Syndrome movie with 6.3 IMDb rating.

If you have patients then the scary scenes of this movie will blow you mind. Best part of this movie is its cinematography.

This movie is quite slow but the screenplay is totally realistic. Too much of adult, disturbing and violated scenes make this movie 18+.

10. Cold Skin (2017)

Best Hollywood Movie list

Cold Skin is a horror, sci-fi movie with 6 IMDb rating. The creatures of this horror, sci-fi movie is very interesting.

How two man survived from the attack of some weird and strange creatures when they went to lighthouse to study climate change is shown in this movie.

Best Hollywood Movies list (conclusion)

All this movies are too good and will definitely make you feel better and smile. Don’t miss any movies from this Best Hollywood Movie list. 

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