10 Best English Web Series | Best Hollywood Web Series to Watch

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other movie platforms produce large numbers of web series every year. If you love English Web series and searching for Best English Web Series then we have the Top 10 web series names which are the best of all time.

Web series are becoming more and more popular because of the great content of the series and outstanding performances of the actors.

The web series names as we mentioned below are definitely not going to disappoint you in any way. You can stream these series online or you can download them from movie sites.

If you don’t know any downloading sites’ names, then click here and you’ll find some great sites for downloading web series.

Note every single series name as we mentioned below because these series will not just entertain you but also gives you satisfaction which only quality content can give.

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Best English Web Series to Watch

1. Stranger Things (2016)

Best English Web Series

Stranger Things is a Horror series with an IMDb rating of 8.8.

There is no doubt that because of stranger Things Netflix’s image of delivering great content at the international level has been created.

This series has high graphics which you can easily compare to any super hit Hollywood movie’s graphics. Every character of this series emotionally touches our feelings.

You can watch this series with your family and this series is also available in Hindi.

2. Black Mirror (2011)

Best English Web Series

Black Mirror is a science fiction series with an IMDb rating of 8.8.

This series is one of the Best English Web Series. There are no interlinks between any season’s any episodes, you can watch any episode first of this series.

This series is quite difficult to understand but if you love mind-spinning and conceptual series then this series is must watch for you.

3. Narcos (2015)

Best English Web Series

Narcos is a Crime, Drama series with an 8.8 IMDb rating.

This is the life story of the world’s greatest drug dealer.

This series is full of suspense and if you’ve watched Sacred Games then you will definitely love this series. This series has three seasons, ten episodes each of 5omin.

4. Our Planet (2019)

Best English Web Series

Our Planet is a documentary series with a 9.3 IMDb rating.

In this series, you will have visions of nature that you have never seen before. If there is any paradise or heaven then these are on this earth, this series has shown us nature in such a beautiful way that we started to respect nature more.

If you want sometimes to spend peacefully then you should definitely watch this series.

5. Kingdom (2019)

Kingdom is a Horror series with an IMDb rating of 8.4.

After Walking dead if there is any best Zombie web series then this should be Kingdom.

The first two episodes of this series are quite boring but the twist starts from the third episode. If Korea ever gave us something unique then this should be Train to Busan and Kingdom.

6. Wild Wild Country (2018)

Wild Wild Country is a Documentary series with an 8.2 IMDb rating.

This web series is from those which you can finish watching in one night. This series has real-life footage, real stories, and all the things are real.

This series is inspired by real-life and must watch for Documentary movie/series lovers.

7. Dark (2017)

Best English Web Series

Dark is a mystery, Thriller series with an 8.8 IMDb rating.

This web series is based on time traveling and mystery. Some people may find this series complex and slow but if you are a fan of the Stranger Things series then you’ll definitely love this series also.

This series is available on Netflix in English and German languages.

8. Love Death and Robots (2019)

Love Death and Robots is an animated Drama series with an 8.5 IMDb rating.

This series has perfect animation where you will get to see different varieties of cartoon animation. This may be an animated series but you cannot watch this series with kids.

This is 18+ series and must watch for cartoon movie lovers.

9. 13 Reasons Why (2017)

Best English Web Series

13 Reasons Why is a Drama series with a 7.6 IMDb rating.

This is the only series on Netflix with the special tag of warning because lots of people may find this series disturbing. If you love suspense, thriller, and revenge types of series and movies then this series is the perfect package for you.

If you are being bullied by others in schools and colleges then you should definitely watch this series at least one time. This series is one of the Best English Web Series.

10. The Stranger (2020)

Best English Web Series

The Stranger is a thriller series with a 7.3 IMDb rating.

How a man solved a stranger’s mystery who suddenly appeared in his life is shown in the series. Will he be able to solve the mystery of that stranger or not is the thing to see in this series.

The series is awesome and available on Netflix in English.

Best English TV Series of all Time (conclusion)

These are the Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series list which is totally awesome and never can bore anyone.

If you like any series or going to watch any web series from this Best English Web Series list then please give your feedback by commenting below. And also don’t forget to share this web series list with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

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